Move Out Procedures

All of the following items must be addressed and areas as listed must be cleaned thoroughly upon move-out:

1. Spots, dirt, grease, fingerprints and other marks to be removed from walls, ceilings, woodworks, baseboards, windowsills, doors and other surfaces. 
2. Nails and screws to be removed and the walls and doors and all such surfaces restored to their original condition. Holes and/or spots must be professionally patched and matched to the existing surface. 
3. All decals, contact paper, or tenant installed wallpaper to be removed. 
4. All drawers, furniture and cabinets to be emptied, wiped out and left open. Closets and shelves to be cleared of hangers and trash. Kitchen cabinets are to be free of food particle, cleaned and left open. 
5. Refrigerators: the refrigerator to be defrosted and thoroughly washed out with a mild detergent and then wiped completely. Unplug and make sure to leave the doors OPEN. Exterior surfaces should be cleaned, including the rubber door seal. The refrigerator should be moved from the wall and the area underneath and behind cleaned, and the refrigerator returned to its original position. 
6. Range: wire brushes or sandpaper should never be used. Easy Off is a good product to use on the oven interior. NOTE: do NOT attempt to use a cleaning product on a self-cleaning oven or on the heating element of any oven. Drip pans to be replaced if they cannot be cleaned to a like new condition. 
7. Light fixtures and ceiling fans to be cleaned and equipped with working bulbs of proper size. 
8. All tubs, basins, sinks, toilets, and tile to be thoroughly scrubbed, cleaned and dried. If caulking is damaged due to neglect or misuse, caulking must be professionally replaced at tenant expense. 
9. All HVAC (heating & air) units and vents must be cleaned, new filters installed, and the access panel left OPEN for inspection. 
10. Exhaust fan and vent hood to be cleaned and free of marks or tears and filters replaced. 
11. All tile or wood floors to be cleaned and free of marks or tears. 
12. Garage and driveways to be cleaned and all grease or oil marks removed. 
13. Grounds to be neatly moved and edged to include under porches and in flowerbeds. Trash and other debris to be removed from the grounds. 
14. Windows and mirrors to be cleaned, inside and out. Screens to be in original condition or replaced. Curtains and blinds to be cleaned. 
15. Fireplace to have all ashes removed and fireplace cleaned. 
16. Carpets MUST be professionally cleaned. Present the receipt for payment of carpet cleaning to the inspector at the time of inspection. Self-cleaning or rental equipment receipts with NOT be accepted. Carpets must be steam cleaned professionally and pass inspection. If carpet does not pass inspection, tenant will be charged to have the carpet re-cleaned correctly. 
17. The property is to be free of insects and professionally sprayed upon vacating. A receipt is required to be turned in at the inspection. If this is not done you will be charged for professional pest control. 
18. In tenant fails inspection or misses a scheduled inspection, a $65 missed inspection fee will be charged. If Tenant fails inspection a $100 re-inspection fee will be charged for the re-inspection to be done after the items ordered are complete. 
19. The utilities must be left on for the inspection and for FIVE business days after inspection. 

Move-out closing procedures
1. If any services are ordered by Linnemann Realty, a $50 processing fee will be charged per ordered service. 
2. Escrow statements are sent by regular mail. If a second copy is requested, tenant will be charged a certified mail fee. 
3. If upon move-out your account has a negative balance, any funds due to Linnemann Realty must be collected within 30 days from the date of notice to avoid collection status and greatly increased charges for credit collections.