Your name in lights

LIGHTS8378Everybody has, at least at some point in their life, wanted to be famous. To see your name on the marquis, presented in enormous letters and brilliant color, lit up for the world to see. I’m no exception as I’ve always wanted exactly that since childhood, and knew that, one way or another, I would make it happen. But, growing up sheltered in a military household influenced by a strong German heritage, professions involving music or acting quickly faded into mere fantasy. This was not my parent’s fault, I was just born very structured. While the dream of having my name in lights never faded, I knew I would have to make it happen another way to suit my regimented mindset. And not that I didn’t have the talent! Oh no, just ask Priscilla about my amazing skills as an actor/musician/thespian (full disclosure I’m lying right now, but please allow the dream to live through this writing).

Now from childhood let’s fast-forward through the college years at UT, the rapid rise and demise of a corporate career (thankfully, mercifully), then on to my calling in real estate at the ripe old age of 27.Working non-stop, no time to be tied down, determined to make it in a field littered with the bodies of those who’ve gone before me (remember, I’m still kind of dreaming).All the while still longing to see my name in lights, but in my own way and on my own terms.

During this time Priscilla and I met, fell in love, married, and now enjoy our family in Belton and have, together, built this business into something we’re proud of.All the while I still had that undeniable yearning to see my name lit up for the world to gaze upon.That still hadn’t happened and I was not about to let it go.

And then something wonderful happened.Just a few days ago as I pulled up to our building on WS Young I saw the parking lot crowded with big trucks and an enormous crane.I had not been informed that this was the day that All American Signs was set to install our new digital, full-color sign.But install they did and, no matter what else was going to happen, today was bound to be a great day.

As an entrepreneur, watching your sign go up is an experience all its own.More than just a new sign, it’s a manifestation of our goals, our hard work, and the progress Priscilla and I dreamed about years back and are now living through.It’s proof to us, the business owners, that we’re doing something right.That we’re leaving a mark and achieving something with the work we do.It’s affirmation that, quite frankly, you don’t get a lot of when you own the place!It’s something you’ll remember years later, when so many days and even weeks fade into the past.

But all that aside, and most importantly, I finally got my name in lights!And you better believe that sucker is going to run 24/7 – 365!Of course, now we have to learn how to work this thing.Once we do we’ll have a continuous feed of homes for sale, homes for rent, agent and employee highlights, any specials we’re running, and anything else we feel like throwing out.But in the meantime, while we’re still figuring this out, it just sits there and tells you the time, the temp, and shines with my last name bigger than Dallas.And that’s just fine with me.