To the Moon: A Love Story

To the Moon: A Love Story

“I love her, I need her, I bleed her. Eight cylinders, all mine. Alright, hold tight I’m a highway star”  Deep Purple
You can pretty much love anything in this world:  other people, food, surfing, a pair of shoes, you name it.  The anthropomorphic nature of our species makes it common to love objects, infusing them with human traits and characteristics to the point where we imagine that this “being” is actually capable of receiving our affectations.  That might sound crazy because it is!  If you smile at your favorite shirt or speak to your house then you, my friend, have lost your marbles.
Unless it’s a car.  People loving cars probably started on day 1 after the first car was built.  Since their inception, our culture has celebrated automobiles in writing, photography, music, movies, and more.  From country to hip-hop, songs abound about the unrequited love someone has for their mode of transportation have normalized the “relationship” so many of us have with these mechanical devices.  Speaking to your car and expecting that it hears you, and even thinking that it speaks back to you, or that it loves you, is something that has been largely accepted by society.
That doesn’t make it any less crazy, and if you do this then you, my friend (again), have lost your marbles.

He ripped the mirrors off his Cadillac
Cuz he doesn’t like it lookin’
Like he looks back…
Tame Impala 

In my case that doesn’t apply, though.  I’m not crazy because my car is different.  She’s not just any car either, but the bestest car ever conceived and one that truly loves me back (not crazy at all).   The love story I’m about to share with you will reverberate through history as one of the greats, just like Romeo and Juliet but without the death, and one of them is an automobile.  The greatest automobile ever made by anyone who ever dared make an automobile.
The 2010 Mercedes Benz GLK 350 is, by far, the finest automobile ever produced.  And the one that I was lucky enough to purchase a decade ago is, by far, the finest of that bunch.  Yes, I am proud to be partnered with the best damn car on the planet.  And yes again, I did say partner.  I don’t own this car – we’re a team.  An unstoppable force of nature when working together, there’s nothing we can’t accomplish.

“Fire up the willing engine,
Responding with a roar
Tires spitting gravel
I commit my weekly crime…”

Our journey began a decade ago.  At that time I had always thought the fancy, hi-end cars were going to be a fit for me.  From BMW to Benz, they were AMG, M Series, low-profile tires on a sports suspension, and stylish all day long.  High maintenance, low mileage, fast, expensive, and moody as hell.  But, no matter how much I lied to myself I still hadn’t found real love (not crazy, no way).