The Most Important Part of My Job


This past Saturday Linnemann Realty had the honor of participating in the annual Independence Day Picnic for The Star Group – Veterans Helping Veterans, an organization dedicated to helping our veterans and our community at large in every way possible.

This selfless group of hard-working people just began operations in our area about four years ago, primarily to service the unmet needs of our military community. If you pay any attention to the news then you already know that the VA has not been adequately taking care of the men and women who keep us free.I see stories far too often about severe medical conditions, largely unaddressed mental health issues, homelessness, and the resulting financial problems our veterans face as they try to manage their lives and families after serving tours in a hostile country.

If a man ever had a noble calling it’s this man pictured with me.I was fortunate enough to meet Mr. Jonathan Haywood when he first opened VHV, about four years ago.We crossed paths at a chamber mixer with a story that he still loves to tell to this day, and one that I never get tired of hearing either. Linnemann Realty is now a corporate sponsor for this fine organization and as such, we get to take part in events like Saturday’s celebration.While it was a fun-filled day with music and food, we were all there for a purpose: to pay respect to all who have served, and continue to serve.2052

It seems fitting, for me, my company, and for what we do that we fully support The Star Group.I’ve been fortunate enough to grow up and live my life in a free country.

I’ve created a great life for myself and my family without fear and turmoil.I know that the greatest part of what I do comes directly through the military community, and no matter what contributions I make in my lifetime, I will always be in their debt.

I encourage everyone to look into The Star Group – Veterans Helping Veterans and make a donation if you can.Every dollar counts, and it’s going to a group of people that we all should be thankful for.Just remember, as we prepare to celebrate our nation’s independence, who was responsible for making us free in the first place.