Super heroes having a bloody good time

Nbd6963In case you didn’t know, Linnemann Realty happens to be staffed by the most amazing employees and agents on the planet. Priscilla and I take great pride in the longevity, dedication, and enthusiasm we see in every person who graces a desk at our office. A recent event reminded us both of that very fact.

We decided to host a Linnemann Realty blood drive as another way to give back to the community that has given us so much.There are numerous ways to pitch in for your locality, but a blood drive is a different kind of animal.You’re asking your staff to open a vein – not exactly a casual request.Despite this, we were met with overwhelming support from the very team that continues to impress us every day.


One of our top agents, Tabitha Vargas, had hosted blood drives before at a previous employer. She contacted Baylor Scott & White and got the ball rolling on what turned into not just an office event, but one that brought in the community as well. And of course, in typical Linnemann Realty style, it turned into one heck of a good time, needles and all.



Agents and employees who were eligible all gave a pint.Husbands, fathers and other family members also showed up to open a vein for their fellow man (and woman).We also had clients, customers, and friends drop by and sign up.With everyone bringing a dish we enjoyed an abundance of good eats throughout the entire day, and what might be an average event somewhere else turned into a fun-filled day of giving back.Laughter filled the halls as work still got done and business continued along in grand fashion, but with everyone sporting florescent arm bandages, smiles, and flowing capes.


IMG_0684 (2)IMG_0689



Yes I said capes.We wore capes.Because for one day we all got to be superheroes.In case you’re wondering I still have mine and it looks great on me.


bd6898A special thanks to our entire staff and our agents, and to Baylor Scott & White for coming by and grabbing up over two dozen pints of our high-grade octane.That Linnemann blood is good stuff and I hope whoever gets it knows why they feel so amazing!All kidding aside, this is an event we will repeat over the years and will be sure to alert you and everyone you know about it.Giving blood is a great thing to do, one that saves lives, costs you nothing but time, and makes you a hero.At least for a day.