Learning Linnemann- The Agents

Learning Linnemann – The New Guys

One thing that sets us apart as a sales team is that we purposely limit the number of Realtors we allow to work here. For most real estate companies the formula is based on bodies: the more salespeople you have the more sales you make. Not discounting that approach as many of these operators are my close friends, but that has never been our philosophy and never will be.

By keeping a smaller team I feel we’re able to keep a better handle on each person individually, we’re able to train more closely, and I’m able to mentor them myself and share my 23 years of knowledge with them on a one-on-one basis.

Because of this guideline it’s always a big deal when we bring in someone new. Not that I’m looking for a specific level of experience because most of my team started brand new in the industry. Neither am I looking for a particular type of person given that my team is incredibly diverse. I’m after that one thing. I’m never sure what it is, but I see it in each person I bring on board, and with each person it’s totally different. Every one of them has that “one thing” that tells me they will be great at this, and that they’ll be right for our company. I can’t define it, I can’t reduce it to words, but I can see it every time and my decisions are always based on just that.

We had two new agents start with Linnemann Realty just a few short weeks ago. With fresh licenses in hand they both showed the qualities we’re looking for and that “one thing” that told me they were going to be a great fit. Matthew Clark and Tabitha Vargas, while they are just getting their feet wet, are in for an adventure that I hope they’re prepared for. IMG_1637

Strap in and hold on tight. First orientation, then training, then be prepared to be dropped into the fray. You’ll need to think on your feet, learn every day, and be ready to work harder than you ever have. Our standards for our Agents are high, the challenges you face will be daunting, and I will do everything in my power to make sure you achieve greatness.

Welcome aboard guys, I’m proud to have you as part of our team.