From Dust to Fawn

I truly love what I do.It’s been said that if your living is your passion, then you will never work a day in your life.I find that saying fits well when describing me and my work.While there are always aspects of any profession that you can live without, I find nothing but pure joy when purchasing and remodeling a home.

Some I keep, some I sell.That depends on the price point and other financial factors that play in, but in either case, the restoration of that property will be an undertaking that I will fully enjoy on a number of levels.

We just finished a home at 5011 Fawn Trail, and it's going into MLS today.Priscilla and I went to the property this afternoon for a final walk-thru and photography session.She had taken the original photos and wanted to be sure to capture the home again from the same angles.While her work is already stunning, I couldn’t help but stop and marvel at the change brought about with this home.


Acquiring rental property and flipping homes can be very financially rewarding, but the joy I get from working a property goes well beyond money.I get a great sense of purpose when I acquire the worst house on the street and turn it into one of the best homes in the neighborhood.I take pride in thinking I’m improving the world around me, even if on a very small level.Every rehab employs a close-knit group of contractors and requires materials provided by local merchants, all of whom benefit from the undertaking.I feel a sense of accomplishment knowing that almost every home I complete stands in better condition than when it was first built.And when complete, whether they rent or sell, I’m furnishing local families with quality, affordable housing.


In years past I would perform a lot of this work myself, in many cases, because it was a financial necessity.Fast-forward fifteen years, and I’ve found myself going back in on some remodel work, purchasing some new tools, and once again getting my hands dirty.


I had no idea how much I missed it.What used to be drudgery is now a hobby.Much like the guy who golfs or bowls too much, I now get caught trying to sneak out of the house on the weekends, at 8 a.m., to build IKEA cabinets, or install plumbing or lighting fixtures.In becoming more active, I’ve gotten closer to my product and more involved in the decisions made in the field.And that is making the product better, a progression I’ve noticed over the last year.


If there’s a flaw in my game plan, it’s that I put too much into the rehab work on properties I acquire.A flaw only from the financial side of this type of transaction.If that could be considered an error in my judgment then so be it.I’ll pass on the money before I turn something out I’m not proud to put my name on.

And with that, I present to you 5011 Fawn Trail in Killeen.

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