A valuable partner

Being in business for yourself is great.You get to call the shots; you make your own rules, you get all the credit when things go right and, likewise, you get all the blame when things turn out otherwise.There were a lot of years we spent as a fledgling real estate company trying to get it right, struggling to make ends meet and grow a business to be proud of.Linnemann Realty didn’t really take off until we formed a team of people, a coalition if you will, made up of employees, agents, contractors, and vendors that all had the same goal in mind.The lesson I learned back in those years was that I could not do it alone, and worrying about garnering “all the credit” had to go out the door.If I was to bask in any glory at all, I needed help.

The team we’ve formed is now large and diverse, and it would require the writing of a small book to truly pay homage to everyone involved.But today is just about one company and particularly one person that has been in our corner for years now, has had our back at every turn, and just the other day reminded me of that fact by pulling yet another rabbit out of his hat.

It’s been years since we formed a business relationship and friendship with David Perez-Guerra and his company Concentus Media Group out of Temple, Texas.I had always handled my own marketing and advertising and it was a shamble.My abilities at marketing myself were the perfect example of a weekend-warrior “do-it-yourselfer” trying his hand at advertising, and it showed.I could never bring myself to invest the money in having someone do something that I perceived I could do myself.But about seven years ago we rebranded from IDC Realty to Linnemann Realty.Same company, but with the acquisition of a competitor we suddenly had the volume and cash flow to make an investment to improve our presence.And with that, we began working with David.

And the whole world changed from that day on.Concentus handled everything from the creation of our logo to the design and layout of our yard signs, our print advertising, and then began working to develop what became the most advanced real estate website in the Central Texas area.Competitors would call me and ask who had built our site, only to find that David wouldn’t develop another site for a real estate company anywhere near our region.We would sit together and formulate strategies based on his abilities with creative advertising and our goals to further the business.He was instrumental in assisting with future buyouts of competitors, the promotion of the commercial office we built a few years later, and the eventual rebranding of our company from just property management to sales and property management, which was much more of a project that you will ever fully understand.

It was just a few days ago that we had the opportunity to present ourselves to a large state-wide builder in applying to be their exclusive real estate brokerage in Central Texas.We wanted to wow them and had barely 24 hours notice to get something together that no one else would have.David and his team at Concentus rushed to the scene and shot a gorgeous virtual tour of that builder’s premier model home in White Rock Estates, got the footage back to their office for editing and compilation, set it to music, and had it back in our inbox in plenty of time for the interview.

Needless to say, they were blown away.So was I.I was again reminded of how valuable David and his company are and have been to our continued growth and success.I was also reminded again of how this is impossible to accomplish on your own.You need a team.

I’m fortunate to have him on mine.