Bernard Smolinsky

Bernard Smolinsky

Bernard Smolinsky

Director Of Property Assessment / Zone 4 Assessor
Direct Line:(254) 275-4831 Fax: (254) 628-9265

Name one of your weird quirks.
Inability to sit still

Favorite junk food?

Pet peeve?
People with bad manners

Favorite band?

Dogs or cats?
I have 5 pomeranians (guess)

When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?
An architect

Favorite hobby?
Music, gardening, arts and crafts, remodeling

Which is more important: what you say or how you say it?
How you say it

First concert?
Doobie Brothers

If you could ask your pet one question, what would it be?
Why can't you pee outside?

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